Floor Cleaner 30 Sheets (Peony scent)


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  • Our floor cleaning sheets some in packs of 30.
  • Each sheet is 110mm x 140mm.
  • You only need one sheet per clean, making these an economical option for cleaning!

Is there anything our Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Floor Cleaning Sheets can’t do? Not only will they protect your floors from bacteria, mould, and mildew, but they’ll also keep them looking clean and bright.

Our floor cleaning sheets are highly versatile, and can be used on a range of floor types, including wood, tile, cement, and marble.

Our floor cleaning sheets feature a bacteriostatic, biodegradable enzyme, surfactant formula that is guaranteed to stop dirt, grime, germs, and mould in their tracks, whilst lifting even the most stubborn stains.

Despite being so hard on dirt and other nasties, the formula is actually very gentle. On your floor, it is completely non-corrosive, and will not do any damage to your floor. On your skin, it is mild and non-irritating, making it safe for the entire family (children and pets included).

As an added benefit, our floor cleaning sheets help to moisten wood floors, and prevent oxidisation and cracking. They also feature a gentle peony fragrance which smells wonderful.

Tough on dirt and grime, gentle on your skin
Naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients
No hidden nasties
No parabens
No phosphates
No ammonia
No chlorine
No bleach
No palm oil
No petrochemicals
No single-use plastics
Pleasant fragrance
Non-skid formula
Environmentally friendly

Reusable packaging
Minimal waste
No animal testing

How to Use
Simply drop one floor cleaning sheet into a bucket of 3L of room temperature water. The floor sheet will dissolve in seconds. Allow your sweeper or mop to fully absorb the product, then you’re ready to start cleaning


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