Lavender Calming Face Mist


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With Vitamin C and Aloe Vera

The ultra-fine quick spritz of this toning facial mist soaks into the skin and locks in moisture. The refreshing and invigorating formula features lavender floral water, Oat silk, Vitamin C, Aloe vera and, Allantoin that work wonders synergistically.

– Suitable for all skin types (also for sensitive skin)
– Alcohol-free
– Cruelty-free and vegan
– The glass bottle is completely reusable! Use them, refill them, reuse them, and repeat. (Refill pouch coming soon).

What does it do:

1. Lavender flower water is a refreshing yet relaxing distillate that keeps pimples and blemishes at bay due to its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. It also calms the skin.

2. The effective antioxidant Vitamin C promotes rejuvenation and leaves skin fresh & soft while protecting skin from free radical damages.

3. Vegetable Glycerin helps attract moisture to the skin and boosts hydration, which works similar to hyaluronic acids.

4. Oat silk brightens and mattifies delivering a silky sensory finish.

5. Aloe vera heals the skin imparting a refreshing hydration boost, thanks to its excellent calming and soothing properties.

6. The skin-soothing Allantoin alleviates irritations and improves skin dullness.


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