Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device


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Product function:
1. RF 3MHz radio frequency: RF heat energy warms dermis skin layers to postpones the signs of aging,remove fine lines and wrinkles.
2. EMS micro-current: Stimulate deep expression muscles to make facial lines more smooth and natural.
3. LED red orange light: Improve sensitive skin, inhibiting inflammation (red), and brighten skin (Orange).
4. Silicone cleansing,with vibrating soft silicone brush to remove facial dirt.

Feature 1: Appearance design patent. 3D solid probe enhance the massage experience to better promote absorption of skincare products.
Feature 2:3 MHz radio frequency lift and firm skin, achieving better effective of wrinkle removal.
EMS micro-current stimulate muscles and boost collagen renewal.
Feature 3: The product surface is finished with pearl white sprayed with UV High end texture.


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