Whittard NW Coffees of the World Gift Set 594g


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Explore our range of delicious high-quality ground coffee from around the world. This premium gift set is sure to delight any coffee lover, or can be a treat for your own tastebuds. Comprised of nine of our best-selling coffees, this selection, ground from the finest quality coffee beans offers variety ranging from the rich chocolatey notes of our delicious dark roasts to the complex fruity tones from our delicate lighter roasts. Which will become your favourite?

From light, fruity, delicate coffees sourced at the very birthplace of coffee itself to powerful, dark flavours of chocolate, caramel sweetness and even spice. Whatever your preference there’s something here for you to explore. Selected from across the globe for their premium quality and stunning taste these nine coffees are sure to get even the most experienced coffee lover falling head over heels.


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